Frederick and Vonnie's AC Installation

June 5, 2001

Around Wednesday, May 30, Frederick's air conditioner just quit. It has been freezing but nothing seemed to resolve the problem. Realizing that he had an old and inefficient unit, he concluded spending money on this system would not be practical.

He contacted several companies about his problem. The earliest any of those companies could come out to evaluate the situation would be about Wednesday, June 6, 2001. In Orlando, in June, to wait a week without air conditioning is a very long time. He contacted the company that had given his brother, Carey, a very impressive quote to install a system in Carey's home. If they got the business, they would loan him a unit for the bedroom.

They got the business and the system was installed by the end of the day, Tuesday, June 5, 2001.

The unit selected was a Trane high efficiency unit - SEER 14. Based on what he was paying to operate his older system, it is expected the reduction in energy cost will pay for the system in 4 years.

The photos that follow are a brief photo story of the installation.

The original System
The old evaporator. Notice the area where it has rusted through the drip pan. This was another problem that would have been discovered if or after the freezing problem had been corrected.
The new system - in place with duct work. Drain has not yet been installed.
This is a MONSTER! This 3 ton (36,000 btu) unit measures about 35L x 39W x 43H. RWY036A